"so to keep us from falling apart
we'll write songs in the dark
and to keep us from fading away
we'll write for a better day"

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Bring Me The Horizon - Drown

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Make Me Choose → alovelikequinn asked:

Jaime Preciado or Justin Hills?

i was talking to this guy earlier and we were just being really dumb and he called me cute i cant stop smiling help

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ive sneezed like 10 times in a row no lie


people who don’t like blink-182 are people who you don’t need in your life


ah yes. my great teenage years. corresponding with strangers about music on a website and never getting dressed. sweet memories

I'm not sure what to do about my crush. we're friends and we talk all the time but he thinks I am getting close to him to get closer to another boy. I've told him im not and that I like someone (my crush) but I wouldn't tell him who it was that I like so he thought I was lying. I've loved him for 5 years and I don't know what to do. he's always staring at me in classes. I know this because he has to physically turn to see me as im not in his general direction at any time. what should I do?advice

oh man i only just saw this and honestly, i have no idea what to say i’m not good at giving advice like i guess you could maybe tell him you like him, especially if he seems to be interested in you as well?

my crush and i talk in music class and he made up a handshake for us. hes so sweet and cute but he likes a different girl and he just wants to be friends :/

awww :(((

while watching hunger games with my crush and some friends, he told me that i'm katniss and he's peeta :-) and we laid together on the couch and he kissed my forehead. but i screwed up and we no longer talk. ugh.

that was sounding so good and stuff but :-( im sorry