"so to keep us from falling apart
we'll write songs in the dark
and to keep us from fading away
we'll write for a better day"

Pierce The Veil - Mohegan Sun Arena, October 9, 2013 by (x)

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we’ll go down in history // remember me for centuries

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“For something to be great, there has to be some kind of trial or some type of struggle that actually makes it special or valuable to you. Otherwise, anything could be easily taken for granted.” 

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Everyone falls and spins and gets up again

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give me a good movie to watch ?


The Story So Far
Molson Canadian Amphitheater
Warped Tour - Toronto, ON
July 4, 2014

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The Killers “Mr Brightside” Acoustic BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge [Download] [Dropbox]


I start school on Wednesday and I might be a little less active, so I decided to make a promo (:


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The Young blood Chronicles (2013-2014)

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credit [x]

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fob’s going to be top 10 again and they’re gonna be overplayed on the radio and i’ll love every second of it